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July 1st - 3rd is our High School Box Retreat. Once you get all the info that you need below, you can register using the "register here" button that will take you to a student registration page. Don't worry, even though there is no "2 Nights in a Box" selection, we will know why you are registering if there is no option for communicating the event name. The cost is $15 and is payable on Weds July 1st upon arrival at the Box Village in the lower lot.  If you register by Friday, June 26th then the cost is just $5. Be sure Register EARLY!! 


40 hours of homelessness. "2 Nights in a Box" is designed for HS students, to help them understand what so many feel for 365 nights of the year & what it's like to be homeless. Cost is $15 and will be used to defray event costs, gas, food, and port-a-potty. Retreat begins after Amplify July 1st and continues until Friday, July 3rd at Noon. Let us know if you need to make small schedule changes. This event is for graduating 8th-12th grade students.


Students can bring a box or use cardboard to make a shelter for the "2 Nights in a Box" experience. Use your creativity and make it fun! Decorate it any way you wish. We DO HAVE boxes available for your use. 

Students can bring: Bible, Sleeping Bag, Pillow, and the clothes they are wearing. No cell phones, no extra deodorant, or change of clothes. 


Students will take part in community service and be able to help those on the frontlines making changes in social justice. All the tools will be provided that you will need since students are only able to bring a few items. 

We will also have opportunities to play some fun games and to earn additional food items and conveniences for your whole team. Games are designed to help us understand the importance of teamwork!



Wednesday July 1st

5 pm    Arrive set up box (worship team 3 pm set up)

6.30     Amplify

8 pm    Retreat Games

9 pm    Hangout

11 pm  Bedtime

Thursday July 2nd

8 am   Breakfast

8.30    Devos (bring a Bible)

9 am   Community Service

12       Lunch

5 pm   Dinner Games

6 pm   Dinner

7 pm   Team Building

8 pm   Worship/Teaching

9 pm   Hangout

11 pm Bedtime

Friday July 3rd

8 am   Breakfast

8.30    Devos

9 am   Community Service

11 am Cleanup & Pickup

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