Journaling/Discussion Questions

What does it mean to follow Christ?


What priority do you place on popularity, success, good works, or material possessions?


If good works don’t save, do they even matter? If so, why?


Reflect on your perspective on your own goodness and your own image. Do you find value in good things that you’ve done or in what people think of you?


According to Ephesians 2: 4-10, why did God choose to save us through Jesus’ crucifixion?


Define “grace.” Look for the definition that relates to Christianity. How does this definition relate to Ephesians 2:4-10.


What aspect or topic of today’s lesson gave you the most perspective on salvation?


Why should God’s favor matter more to us than the favor of man?


How can an understanding of salvation help you when it comes to the Great Commission?


 How is our culture like that of the Laodiceans? Give examples of “lukewarm” behavior or perspective that you see today.