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Resources for Black History Month

These are resources that don't necessarily reflect a Christian worldview but help us to reflect on what culture is saying about Black History and to offer a perspective different than the one most of us have grown up under.

READ one of These Together and Discuss:

  1. The National Museum of African American History & Culture’s guide on talking about race as a parent or caregiver.

  2. The History channel’s collection of informative articles and videos on Black history in America.

  3. Review this list of Black history facts from the History channel.

  4. Discuss the importance of Brown v. Board of Education (explanation of the case here).

  5. One of Scholastic’s recommended books on Martin Luther King Jr.

WATCH one of these Together and Discuss

  1. African American History Month’s list of audio and video resources.

  2.’s collection of biographies of the most notable African Americans.

  3. Check out these lists of African American scientists, inventors, and athletes (all from Biography).

  4. Watch one of these eight recommended movies from Common Sense Media. (Parental discretion is advised.)

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