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What Parents Need To Know: CHEUGY

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

There are WAY too many new words these days in the world of teen slang to keep up with what they all mean. There are a variety of new words and phrases that come about thanks to music, apps, celebrities, and of course, the internet in general. You can use the list below to get an idea of the words and phrases that are popular now and have the conversation with your teen about which may be ok and which may not be okay according to your families standards.

Also, understanding these words can help bridge due the gap with your teen as well as their friends. ”You want me to use them?” Oh, no no. I am not suggesting that, just that you understand what it is they are saying. Using these words can feel disingenuous and cheugy, unless you are using them ironically.

These are silly, Harmless, and Fun

Aesthetic = Another word for “vibe.” “I don’t like this artist because I don’t get her aesthetic.” “I love the aesthetic of this Instagram account I just found.”

Ate/ate that/ate and left no crumbs = Used when someone does an exceptional job at something. “Tamara just performed all of Bohemian Rhapsody by herself. Ate and left no crumbs.”

Basic = A way to describe someone who lacks originality and enjoys the most mainstream and predictable things.

BB = Synonym for “babe” or “baby,” but usually used for friends. Pronounced “bee bee.”

Bet = A response word synonymous with “Ok, for sure.” “Do you want to go out tonight?” “Bet.”

Big = A word that adds emphasis in multiple contexts. (Big mad: Being extremely mad about something; big sad: really sad; big brain: someone/ something really smart.)

Blueprint = Used when someone did something so well that they became the standard by which everyone else does it. “Every boy band these days is trying to be OneDirection. They really are the blueprint.”

Boo = One’s significant other.

Boo’d (or booed) up = To be in a romantic relationship.

Boi = Another way of spelling “boy” through text or on social media.

Bop = A really good song. More modern synonym for jam. “The new Ariana Grande song is a bop.”

Bougie/boujee = High class, rich, fancy (from “bourgeois”). Boutta = About to. Bruh = More modern version of “bro.”

Bussin’ = Really, really good, usually used for food. Used twice in a row if the food is really spectacular. “Those fries look bussin’!” “Oh they are BUSSIN’ bussin’!”

Canon/Headcanon = The actual plot of a book, movie, or show (canon) vs ideas people have that they want to be canon (headcanon). “My headcanon is that Thor really likes cats.” “You can’t tell me Percy Jackson doesn’t have ADHD; it’s literally canon!”

Catch feels = To develop romantic feelings for someone. Popularized by “Feels” by Calvin Harris ft. Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, & Big Sean.

Catch these hands = Means “to fight” (e.g. “My girlfriend is way prettier than yours,” “You boutta catch these hands”).

Cheugy = Cringe or awkward, specifically used by Gen Z in reference to trends from the early/mid 2000s. THis can be used of mostly Gen Xers but can also refer to outdated trends after that as well.

Chill = It can either describe a person who’s really laid back, or the act of hanging out. “She’s really chill,” or “Let’s chill tonight.”

Clout = Having a great social influence or following, and being popular due to your social media or general social presence.

Dead/dying = When something is so funny, you can’t handle it. “Oh my gosh that TikTok, I’m dead.”

Doing the most = Being over the top. Done = To be completely over a task, person, emotion, or situation.

Drip = Refers to a really cool outfit or item of clothing.

Extra = Over the top, excessive, dramatic. “I aspire to be this level of extra

at my graduation.”

F = A way to show the utmost respect for someone after something bad has happened (e.g.

“My girlfriend just dumped me,” “F”).

Facts = Being in agreement with something.

Fam = Family, to denote one’s actual family or one’s closest friends.

Fire = Cool, awesome. “This party is fire!” Also denoted by the fire emoji.

Fit = In America, “fit” is short for outfit. (“Girl I love your fit!”) In England, this word means someone who’s really attractive (“That guy is fit”).

Flex = To show off. Also denoted by the flexed bicep emoji.

FR = For real.

Gassing = To hype someone up. “I’m always gassing up my girlfriend so she knows she looks cute.” Gucci = Good, cool, “it’s all good bruh.”

Highkey = Obvious or definite. “I highkey want that shirt.” The antonym is lowkey, or something that is less obvious or definite.

IGL = In Game Life. This term is used by gamers to talk about their gaming lives.

IYKWIM = If you know what I mean.

IYKYK = If you know you know.

IRL = In Real Life.

Keep it 100 = Be true to yourself and stick to your values (short for “Keep it 100% real”).

Left on read = When you text someone and they read it without responding.

Let’s get this bread = A play on “dough” being slang for money, it means to work hard and succeed. It went viral in October 2018 and has somewhat morphed into a battlecry or a motivation to succeed. There are also many variants and subsequent memes.

Live/living = When something is so incredible, it’s finally making you “live.” (E.g. “this is the best vacation ever, I’m living.”)

Like my recent = Using one social media platform to tell one’s followers to like his/her most recent post on another social media platform. Often seen as desperate.

Mood = Describes something relatable. *Friend lays down on floor* “Mood.”

Narrative = Something you would not like to take part in. “I would v much like to be excluded from this narrative.”

No cap = You’re telling the truth; basically “no lie.”

Oof = What you say when you don’t really know what to say in response to


OTP = One True Pairing. Used to describe a relationship you are very invested in, or believe should happen. “I don’t care that they’re from different TV shows, they’re my OTP!”

Rent free = When something occupies space in your thoughts. “I don’t even like that song but it lives rent free in my head.”

RIP/RIP me = Used to express sadness or to say something sucks. Comes from “Rest in Peace” but is pronounced as it’s spelled. “I got an F on my paper, rip me.”

RN = Right now.

Say less = A way of saying “I understand”; you’re so on board with what’s being said that you don’t need more information. “Girls’ night with ice cream and rom coms? Say less.”

Sending me = Making you laugh, as in, sending you right over the edge of hilarity.

Ship = Short for “relationship.” Used to endorse/support a romantic coupling, even one that’s not reality. “I ship Ron and Hermione.” “I see a ship developing!”

Shook = To be so completely surprised, scared, or caught off guard that your body is shaking.

Slaps = Something that’s really great. “That new song slaps.”

Snack = An attractive person. “Girl lookin’ like a snack!”

Snatched = Another slang term for looking good. “Your outfit is snatched.” Older, less-used synonyms: On fleek, on point.

Stan = A hardcore fan of someone. The term comes from the song Stan by eminem. For example, instead of saying “I love Billie Eilish,” you’d say “I stan Billie Eilish.”

TFW = That Feeling When. “TFW you accidentally spill your Venti Frap all

over your car.

This/that ain’t it chief = Refers to when someone says something that they think is widely accepted or cool, but it’s really not. “This pineapple pizza is so good.” “This ain’t it chief.”

Understood the assignment = Used when someone is doing really well at something, exceeding expectations or making a statement. “Look at Natalie on the dance floor! Sis understood the assignment.”

V = Very. “I’m v excited to binge my fav Netflix show.”

Vibe check = A standard of “vibes” someone has to “pass”. Often used as a joke to justify why you don’t like someone using nitpicky critiques. “He thinks frogs are gross. Immediately fails the vibe check.”

Vibing/straight vibing = Updated slang for “chilling” or “chilling out”. It means just hanging out and having fun.

Weird flex but ok = A sassy or sarcastic response to someone showing off or bragging online. Also used humorously.

Whip = Car.

Wig = Basically a shorter version of “wig snatched,” mostly used in appraisal of something or someone, especially of celebrities. It’s as if you’re so blown away by something that your wig literally falls off.

Wig snatched = To be amazed, blown away, caught off guard, or shook by something. Originates from drag queen culture. Often used in reference to an attractive person.

Wild/Wylin’/ Wildin’ = A synonym for “shocking.” If used to a describe a person, it can mean “hilarious” or “weird” as well. “YOU JUST MET DRAKE THAT’S SO WILD.” “She wylin’.”

Woke = To be fully aware of current events; living in a state of awareness that is above expectations. “Stay woke, son!”

These Ones Are SUS

AF = As f***. Used to emphasize something: “It’s hot af in here.”

ASMR = Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. An Internet trend of making videos with different sounds to elicit a physical response (e.g. goosebumps) from viewers.

BDE = Big D*** Energy. A compliment because it’s a metaphor to signify that someone has the confidence of a well-endowed man. It’s the opposite of being cocky or having toxic masculinity. It is often applied to both men and women.

Bomboclatt = This is a curse word of Jamaican origin, equivalent to the f-bomb. However, culturally in the U.S. it’s used as a way to say “add caption” or “explain this picture.” For example, someone might tweet a video and caption it “bomboclatt,” inviting others to add their own funny explanation of the video.

Cancel = To delete someone or something out of your life. “I canceled that guy from Tinder. It wasn’t working out.”

Catfish = Someone who pretends to be someone they’re not on social media, either for dating or sexual purposes.

Caught in 4k = To catch someone in the act, usually online, with proof. Similar to having “receipts”.

Clapback = Responding to an insult with an equal or greater comeback. The new word for “comeback.”

Clapped = Can either mean being obliterated in a physical match, or ugly.

Cringy = Cringe-worthy, awkward. Curve = To reject someone romantically or sexually.

D = Short for d***. “She just wants the D.” Deada** = Straight up, for real, no joke.

DTF = Down To F (copulate)

FWB = Friends with benefits. This is undefined sexual relationship that’s generally considered to be more serious than just hooking up, but less serious than an actual committed relationship.

Ghost = To stop responding to one’s texts, messages, posts, etc., effectively

disappearing from their digital world.

Go off = Giving someone permission to rant about something or someone they’re mad about. “She was so rude. Go off!”

Hooking up = Has various levels of meaning. Could refer to anything from making out to having sex.

Hop off = Mind your own business.

Lowkey = A warning that someone doesn’t want everyone to know what they’re saying. “Keep this low key.” Could also be used to mean “kind of,” as in “I lowkey love this song.” Receipts = Proof of something (like text screenshots).

Salty = Jealous or upset.

Simp = A man who prides himself with “chivalry” in hopes of getting sexual gratification from women. He’s over the top without the girl giving much in return.

Sip tea = Mind one’s own business. Usually means you don’t want to get involved in the drama, but you have no problem watching it from the sidelines while comfortably sipping tea.

Slim thick/thicc = This is the “ideal” body type in today’s culture. It’s a girl with an hourglass figure: tiny waist and flat tummy, but bigger boobs, butt, and thighs.

Smash = To have casual sex.

Subtweet = To passive-aggressively call someone out on Twitter without actually tagging them.

Sus = Short for suspicious. “My credit card got declined. That’s sus.”

Tea = Gossip. “Spilling the tea” is telling someone the gossip.

Thicc = Used to describe a woman who is attractive, typically because she has curves in all the “right” places. Can be used jokingly about other things, like food or pets.

Thirsty = When someone is desperate for another person. Often refers to one’s sexual appetite or desire to gain attention on social media.

Thirst trap = An inappropriate photograph or flirty message posted on social media that incites others to comment/DM with their interest/attraction.

Tweakin = Saying or doing something off/doesn’t make sense, thus causing an overreaction. “My mom was tweakin on me when I missed curfew last night.”

What in the world does it mean “to use something ironically?” It basically means that you are using it in a way that is actually making fun of that very thing.

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