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What You Need To Know About This Generation "GEN Z"

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Call them what you want: self-centered, narcissistic, self-absorbed, but the reality is that they are more aware of what's going on culturally than we give them credit. Not only are they more aware, they are far less likely to accept platitudes and promises as a means of pacifying their discomfort at what's going on culturally. They don't want to know what "might" be done, they want to be a part of the change.

As far as what GEN Z values: according to the study, nearly one-third of of Gen Z's say people their age are more likely to think that everyone is equal. Additionally, teens today are largely in favor of Black Lives Matter (80%), transgender rights (74%), and feminism (63%), with the majority saying these movements should be acceptable in society today.

But with that acceptance and a broader sense of identity, one in five teens admit to having a Finstagram — an alternate private Instagram account where they can post without worrying about likes, comments, parents, etc.

Long gone are the days of pontificating, and supposing that things may one day be better. Gen Z and the subsequent "Alpha Generation" are the ones who want change NOW, and why NOT? We've grown up getting things when we wanted them. Email rather than snail mail, microwave popcorn, texting over calling someone, and speed dating and dating apps over the organic means of building friendships that turn into meaningful encounters. We're just TOO BUSY, so it feels like we've had to resort to many of those things. But what' has happened is that we've not really and truly taught them the value of delayed gratification. So why wouldn't we be reaping the results of what we've taught them? Now that GEN Z has become the largest emerging generation thus far, guess who the culture, politics, and media are beginning to target?

If you've politicized the video you've missed the point. It isn't whether or not you agree with the Speaker's viewpoint on voting or not. The issue is how GEN Z is being targeted for their views AND in doing so, empowering them.

What do you mean? If you tell your 15 year old that they should be giving input on how the family budget is used, not a great idea btw, you do something more than just get advice on the latest gaming EMPOWER THEM. They become awakened to this idea that their ideas matter and should be heard. Do they matter? Should they be heard? They absolutely matter and should be heard but in the right contexts and on the right platforms.

What we are saying is that they are being empowered by these other outlets, peers, media groups etc and we should be trying to help them process what they're being told. These conversations are imperative to creating healthy individuals capable of discerning for themselves what is more important to sustaining their values. We do the same thing don't we? We vote according to which issues are most important to our belief system and values.

By trying to understand the value systems of our students and what they are being force fed through the media and their social media platforms, we can better help them to not only choose their passions well, we can also help guide them towards the things that truly matter. Including issues on race, good mental health, and yes, even politics.

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