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July 29th-31st!!  We can't have SKYVIEW, so we are bring it to YOU! All of the great worship, the excellent teaching, fun games, and a few of the activities without the higher cost or travel! This event is for graduating 7th-12th grade students!

A limited number of scholarships are available!  Also, family discounts are available as well!

Email Pastor Mark for info

Have you ever thought about how one moment can define history? Or how one decision can change a life? We know that it only takes one person to start a movement. There is power in one. And the power of one resounds through Scripture, and by studying ONE, your students will travel through the Word to discover a powerful message that God has for them: 

    ::  There is ONE God. ONE way to Him.
    ::  ONE family united under His banner.
    ::  And ONE mission we’ve been entrusted with

What is the Youth Camp?

July 29th-21st is our 2020 Youth Camp experience for graduating 7th-12th grade students will be held at the newly renovated Cherry Valley Lodge Hotel and Conference Center in one of their exquisite ballroom venues. It is not only a great space but will also allow for adequate social distancing for students and leaders! 

We will meet each day for activities at Spring Hills at 12:30 or 2pm so check the schedule so you know what we will be doing and hoy you can prepare for the day's activities. For those of you who may have to work or can only join us for the worship, games, and teaching you have the option to meet at Cherry Valley Lodge at 6 pm. Bring a towel and a dry change of clothes and there will be time to get "ready at the church" before the evening session.


Cost for the entire experience, activities and sessions is just $40 or FREE if you would like to just join us for the three evening sessions.  We want you to REACH OUT and invite those who may not know Christ. We want to help them to have an encounter with Christ. We are striving to provide fun activities that will help encourage students to CONNECT and build deeper relationships with one another. Family discounts are available and a limited number of scholarships are available! email Pastor Mark for info.

In each session we’re going to be working through at our youth conference we are going to take a awesome look at the essential truths of our faith. They are meant to build on one another but can also be understood as a stand alone message if your students can't make it each night. We KNOW the importance of camp to a teens summer and to their faith and we want to help make sure they are equipped as we prepare to start the school year!

ONE will teach your teenager a few truths. First, that there is one God, the Creator of the universe and of you and me, and there is no other. Second, the absolute clearness of the Bible on the subject of how we get to God. Jesus Himself says no one can come to the one, true God except through Him. Third, what happens to us when we do come to faith in God, namely that we’re welcomed into one giant, awesome family of Believers.


Finally, your teenager will learn that we’ve been given one main mission: go and make disciples of all nations! As you can see, we’re pretty excited about what our students will be learning. 

Besides all the amazing worship and great teaching, we want them to have FUN! Yeah, one of the major components  of what makes our camp experience so attractive is that we are able to have fun building community together through "play" and experiences. Check out the tentative schedule below for an idea of some of those activities. 

What is the Cost?


Sessions & Activities

This cost includes transportation to all activities, hiking, canoeing, and the Water Fest on Thursday! We are not able to offer a la carte pricing so it is set at $40 per person and also includes evening sessions! Each day please eat lunch before coming and bring a sack dinner or money for Wendy's.  Bring money during on first day of camp 

or pay on Venmo: @marknkris1996

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Sessions Only

There is no cost for the evening sessions. Be sure to invite a friend so they can hear about Jesus! 

What is the Schedule?


VERY Tentative Schedule

July 30th, THURSDAY:

3 pm - WATER FEST (lower lot SHBC) & WHIT'S!

5:45 - Check in at Cherry Valley Lodge parking lot

6:00 - ONE - Session 2 (Games, Worship, Teaching, Sharing)

9:00 - Pick up at Cherry Valley Lodge Entrance "G"

July 31st, FRIDAY:

12:00 - Meet in church parking lot, bring a sack lunch

1:00 - Hocking Hills Old Man’s Cave Exploration

5:45 - Check in at Cherry Valley Lodge Parking Lot

6:00 - ONE - Session 3 

9:00 - Pick up at Cherry Valley Lodge Entrance "G"



Yes, masks are required while attending the sessions. They are NOT required while in canoe, water games, or hiking and social distancing is possible.


Weds start  time 12 at SHBC

Thurs time: 3 pm at SHBC

Friday  time is 12:30 SHBC 

Evening start times are 6pm at the Cherry Valley Hotel

(In the Birch Ballroom)


We are asking students participating in day activities to eat lunch BEFORE you come and if you are staying until the evening session, you can either bring money for Wendy's or pack a sack  dinner

Discounts & Scholarships

We have family discounts and also a number of scholarships available! We want ALL students to be able to participate. Please let us know how we can help!


Spring Hills Youth a ministry of Spring Hills Church Granville, OH