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Tips for Zoom Small Groups:


  1. Talk to your students about how you will run things so they know what to expect. I let them know I will call on them to answer the question but that it’s ok if they aren’t sure and wants to pass.

  2. When you have an easy (icebreaking) question at the beginning, let them know you are going to have them all answer and then call on them individually to do so, this helps get them talking.

  3. If they seem a little disengaged sometimes we need to go veer off the small group questions a bit to get them to open up.

  4. Check in weekly with them on how they are handling this quarantine. 

  5. Asking them each at the end if they have a prayer request, will help you get them to each open up and if you write them down and pray over them throughout the week they will be abundantly blessed.

  6. Give them a project to work on throughout the week in regards the message, passage of scripture or topic discussed.

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